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FORMER NAREP president Elias Chipimo (right) with party youths during a cleaning session at the former NAREP Secretariat.

He came, he saw, but couldn’t conquer

AFTER almost a decade since he launched the National Restoration Party (NAREP), Elias Chipimo Junior has seen enough frustrations to compel him to throw in the towel.
This is not the way he would have envisaged his political career would turn out when he launched NAREP at a fully packed Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka in 2010 where diplomats, particularly those from the West, seemed to be in the majority.
Elias had the advantage of name recognition when he started his career.
His father was one of the early diplomats but fell out with Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s regime.
Addressing a Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) meeting, Chipimo Snr, who was chairman of StanChart, said if African leaders turned despotic, the only way to remove them from power would be through the bullet.