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He abuses me sexually, wife tells court

A WIFE of a police officer has narrated before the Kitwe local court how she opts to spend nights in a cabin for fear of her husband who forces her to sleep with him against the order of nature.

This was heard in a case in which Bwizu Siamachila sued Grace Siamachila for divorce on grounds that she was disrespectful.

Grace, who was testifying in her defence, told the court that the reason she sleeps in the cabin instead is because of her husband tendency of sleeping with her against the order of nature.
She told the court that her husband’s sexual demands have left her damaged.
Grace asked the court not to grant them divorce because of the damage her husband has caused to her body.
“I only sleep in the cabin to escape my husband’s advances of making love to me through the anus. I will not allow this man to divorce me because of the damage he has caused to my anal area. It is terribly damaged,” she said.
She said she has lost her sense of pride as a woman because of the damage that her husband has caused to her.
The two have been married for 13 years and they have one child together.
And earlier, in his evidence, Bwizu told the court that his wife of deserts their matrimonial home and that she once went away for three days without informing him of her where she was going.
He said his wife is also fond of sleeping in the cabin that is within their yard whenever the two have a misunderstanding.
Bwizu said this forces him to lock the main house and go with the keys to punish her but she normally retaliates by breaking windows of the house.
Bwizu pleaded with the court to dissolve their marriage so that his wife can leave.
But magistrate Fredrick Ndhlovu, magistrate Royd Chinda and Magistrate Mildred Kayola decided to grant the couple divorce after proving that there was no happiness in their marriage.
The court ordered Bwizu to compensate his wife with K17,000 to be paid in instalments of K500 per month.


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