Having fun is a life necessity


MANY people today have been bombarded with the idea that working hard is the only way to success. But fun plays an important role in achieving one’s goals.

The importance of having fun is quite obvious, but people often forget or take their other responsibilities to have precedence over ‘indulging’ in fun.
Having fun helps you distress and forget your problems, worries and responsibilities, even if it is for a couple of hours.
This aside, biologically, your body releases anti-stress hormones which enable you to relax, especially if you are taking part in activities that require physical energy or are enjoyable. This strengthens your mind and body.
If you’re feeling depressed or burned out, you’re probably lacking a dose or two of fun in your life. Sure, we all have responsibilities to tackle but that doesn’t mean we have to neglect having fun and just remain sick and tired of life the way it is by working hard all the time.
Time spent together with family and friends is a great way to bond and build even stronger relationships.
By learning more about your family and friends, you strengthen your support system and are able to learn from each other’s problems, mistakes and stresses.
Therefore, it is important that families get some time away for a holiday in luxurious places dotted across the country so that they can prove for themselves if truly Zambia is a the real Africa.
Apart from the many personal benefits that fun brings, it also has some economic benefits.
The Zambian economy has been facing challenges arising from external and domestic factors.
This is why Government has announced its resolve to diversify the country’s economy as one of the measures to mitigate the challenges.
Besides agriculture, tourism is another sector which has potential to transform the country’s economy amidst economic challenges.
If people could only realise the importance of having fun, especially away from home, perhaps at the many tourist sites that the country is endowed with, the domestic tourism campaign will be a success story.
Domestic tourism is potentially one of Zambia’s best prospects for economic diversification and growth.
It has a strong bearing on Zambia’s economic development, cultural growth and national integration.
The sector has potential to play an increasingly important role in stimulating economic growth by contributing to job creation, foreign exchange earnings, entrepreneurial and infrastructural development and improvement to rural communities.
It plays a significant role in sustaining Zambia’s economy amidst economic turbulence.
In this regard, domestic tourism is a key component that could sustain the sector and create job opportunities. It also has great potential to increase domestic tourist arrivals and ultimately contribute to the growth of the tourism sector.
It is worth mentioning that Zambia is a vast country of great beauty and diversity and her tourism potential is equally vast.
With her rich cultural heritage as superbly manifest in many of the tourism sites such as the Victoria Falls, which is one of the most renowned beautiful transcendental seven natural wonders of the world, the wealth of wildlife is spread out in the country’s 19 national parks.
In addition, the country has 34 game management areas with a total area of 65,000 kilometres square.
Furthermore, the country boasts of waterfalls, lakes and rivers, one of the largest concentrations of bird species in the world, a rich cultural heritage and several monuments spread across the country.
Aptly put, fun keeps you sane amidst the stresses and demands of daily life. When we are having fun, we will naturally feel happier.
Besides, life is too short not to include fun.
It’s time to slow it all down and get your family and friends together for some fun. Life would be way too miserable if we wipe out and dismiss aspects of fun so willingly.
The saying is clichéd and overused, but so true. We all need to ‘work hard, and play hard’. Make a conscious effort to set aside some time to drop everything and have some fun soon.
The author is Livingstone-based Zambia Daily Mail correspondent.

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