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Have faith – part 8

THE TOPIC of faith has been featured for the past seven weeks. In one of the columns, it was said that we all have faith but the difference lies in the object and its quality.

In this column and the next one, I wish to discuss faith as a commitment. To believe in something is to be committed to it.

Hebrews 11:1 and 6 says, “Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”
Confidence is having a one hundred percent certainty that what one hopes for will come to pass.
It should be noted that confidence is not born due to the absence of possible setbacks. It takes into account every possible setback but chooses not to lose focus on the goal.
Faith, according to the quotation, is related to something being hoped for. If something is hoped, for then that thing is not yet available. It is anticipated.
In other words, faith can be understood as having a one hundred percent certainty that what one is anticipating will definitely come to pass.
Confidence in what is yet to come is quite challenging.
This is because faith does not imply passive anticipation but unwavering commitment.
People who easily give up lack the unwavering commitment to what they are hoping for. Confidence enables us to put in the best in realising what we are hoping for.
Hence, faith is a commitment that fosters the mental strength and actions consistent with what leads to the realisation of that hope.
Pastor Chiluba in one of his sermons said that, “Faith is an obstacle remover.”
If anticipation is coupled with confidence, then it becomes so focused on the result such that it is willing to remove every obstacle that stands on the way.
Above all, faith in God has an added advantage because it brings about impossibilities that are beyond human limitations.
To be continued
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