Have Faith Part 3

Youthful Living with PASTOR MOYO M
YOU do not necessarily need extraordinary eyes to see extraordinary products, but you need an extra-ordinary heart to produce extra-ordinary

This means that it is easy to distinguish the extra-ordinary from the common because something extra-ordinary stands out above the rest. It is hard to produce.
Extra-ordinary products are easily perceived than produced. Only people with an extraordinary attitude and effort can produce extraordinary products.
An extra-ordinary product will blow you away and leave you speechless as soon as you come across it. However, an extra-ordinary product is not easily produced.
The production of an extraordinary item demands quality and quantity input of effort, expenditure of time, attention and attitude and a focused mind.
In as much as many people may need to produce an extra-ordinary item, they lack the capacity to stand the pressure of its demands.
An encounter with an extraordinary item should be understood as coming into contact with the product of someone’s extra effort, attention, attitude, thinking and hard work.
Some of the youth pre-occupy themselves with other people’s extra-ordinary products, produced out of sweat and great creativity to the extent that they have no time to spend on developing or producing their own.
It should be noted that everyone is capable of producing extra-ordinary items as long as they are willing to put in extra effort into what they are doing.
You cannot afford to be a spectator throughout your life when first of all you are an extraordinary creation.
There is need to develop passion towards the production of your will power, determination and patience to keep on polishing it up until it shines. Faith is the vital driving force in the process of producing extraordinary things.
In short, there is always something each one of us can bring out of ourselves that can cause others to marvel, regardless of our back ground. There is room for each one of us to thrive and positively contribute to the development of the world around us as long as we have the right faith in God our creator.
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