Hats off to TK


I WOULD like to honour Trevor Siyandi aka TK, the renowned Romaside Studio producer. A lot of people do not know this. I had been to the old format music studios at a time when TK himself was too young to even make music.
These studios were a step before this generation of “computer music”. Cases in point DB Studios or the studio in Handsworth Park owned by the big man Katele Kalumba, where Omat, who a lot of you may not remember or even have known, was the engineer and producer.
Everything was analogue. I was trying to be an artiste at the time. It was expensive to book studio time.
Then I was introduced to a boy (I say boy because I am referring to him at the time I met him. I am far older than him but he is a man now. Lol) and this boy was doing something I had never seen before.
He was not in a studio as I knew it. He was in a bedroom. And he was making music by just manipulating software. His beats were hot! That opened my eyes.
One thing led to another and I eventually made the switch from wannabe artiste to producer, writer, promoter and director of the now famed Sling Beats Music.
Meeting and experiencing TK is one part of my journey that I cannot ignore. We became soft competitors later, of course. I am competitive. But we have stayed through the years and we now bump into each other and appreciate what we have both done for the industry. Together and apart, we did quite a lot.
Hats off to the legend, my friend, my young brother and the spark that helped to bring about what is now the legendary Sling Beats. TK, you are the spark that most of us lit our fires from. God bless you bro. Live long and prosper.

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