Has COVID-19 weakened the Church?

‘IT’S a moment where, sure, we’re hurt as a church but it’s not about us, it’s about the health of the people that has brought us where we are today as the body of Christ.
“Look, today is Sunday, a worship day when this place should be full of activities. But the day is a different one. All in all, our programming and doing of God’s work around here has changed,” says Pastor Benson Ng’uni.
The church world over, where people should be going to have corporate prayers, has come under siege by coronavirus restrictions and the situation in Zambia is no different.
Measures taken by governments to fight COVID-19 have forced the clergy to adopt ICT to preach to their members.
There is uncertainly whether this will be the norm going forward or the flock will get used to praying together once again.
“We only have a handful of church members on the premises to manage activities and attend to urgent church matters,” Pastor Ng’uni says.
He is the overseer of the Pentecost Fellowship Christ Ministries, a small Christian community in the sprawling Bauleni Township situated south-east of Lusaka.
Just like thousands of other worshipping centres across the country, conducting of corporate prayers at his church has been dramatically interrupted by the advent of COVID-19. CLICK TO READ MORE

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