Harnessing Mufumbwe’s honey

NATURE’S Nectar co-founder Katherine Milling (centre) with members of the community. PICTURE: MACKSON WASAMUNU

ALL things being equal, Ntambu chiefdom in Mufumbwe, North-Western Province, should be one of the largest producers of honey in the country in the next few years following the launch of a programme to empower beekeepers.
Nature’s Nectar, working on behalf of Trident Foundation of Kalumbila, has empowered 100 beekeepers with 1,000 beehives to enhance the harvesting of honey in the area.
Ntambu village, situated about 140 kilometres from Mufumbwe Boma, is predominantly anchored on subsistence farming with traditional beekeeping being prevalent.
The 100 farmers, who have been drawn from the Ntambu community, will be given 10 hives each and the company will purchase the honey from them once they harvest.
Nature’s Nectar co–founder Kyle Curry says the company, which is involved in the processing and packaging of honey, will buy the harvest from the farmers at the market price.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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