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Hard work only way out of poverty

Dear editor,
ALLOW ME TO EXPRESS MY CONcern over the well-in¬tended citizen empowerment funds.
Increasing levels of poverty has been a topical issues in this country and successive governments have tried to inject funds in communities for projects that would help build a strong and sustainable eco¬nomic base both at community and household level.
These funds have unfortu¬nately been grossly misused, resulting in the borrowers being unable to pay back the loans. It is therefore absurd to continue blaming policy-makers when we as ordinary citizens fail to do our part.
We are always craving for good policies and a good constitution thinking that these by themselves will bring about development.
We expect angels to govern us and make things very easy and smooth for us. Well that will never happen.
Even the Bible indicates that those who do not want to work should not eat. There is a growing tendency of shifting blame whenever we are faced with challenges and all these insults that we read everyday in some publications attest to this.
The bottom line is: Unless we work hard, poverty levels will continue to increase at all lev¬els. Nobody owes us a living.