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Hard work starts now

PRESIDENT Lungu appending his signature.

YESTERDAY, September 13, 2016 marked yet another milestone in the history of Zambia as President Lungu and his Vice-President Inonge Wina took oath of office under the new provisions of the constitution.
The inauguration, which took place yesterday, indeed marks the beginning of a five-year journey of hard work and nation building under the able leadership of President Lungu, who set the tone with a pledge to make Zambia a better country than he has found it.
While it is indisputable that the PF government recorded unprecedented development in the last five years, especially in the area of infrastructure, it is still certain that Zambia’s journey to development is long.
There is need to consolidate and build on the gains of the past if Zambia is to transition from a developing country to a developed country.
During his inaugural speech, President Lungu acknowledged that Zambia has gone through difficult times due to both local and global economic factors.
While the head of State is alive to the fact that the responsibility placed on his shoulder is huge, he has pledged to transform Zambia for the better.
He, however, acknowledges that no leader can succeed without the support of the people.
We absolutely agree with President Lungu’s sentiments. If he, as the man at the helm of power, is to propel this country to greater heights in the next five years, then every Zambian must rise up to offer support.
Zambians need to understand that developing a country to make it better is the first and foremost duty of every citizen.
Borrowing from the words of former president of the United States of America, John F Kennedy, Zambians need to move away from the mentality of asking what Government will do for them but inquire of what they can do for the country.
Mr Kennedy further acknowledged that the efforts of Government alone will never be enough but the people must make choices to help themselves.
Yes, Zambians must make choices as individuals to contribute to the collective development of this country.
According to English philosopher and political economist John Stuart Mill, “The worth of the state, in the long run, is the worth of the individuals composing it.”
Yes, President Lungu is there to offer policy direction but it is the quality of individual contributions that will make Zambia’s prosperity a reality.
If Zambia is to develop to desirable levels, then all citizens must embrace a culture of patriotism, hard work and sacrifice towards the national development agenda.
It is also the duty of every citizen to be proactive by taking advantage of policies and programmes aimed at empowering them. For this is the only way poverty will be eradicated at the grass-roots level.
Instead of mere critiquing, citizens should also actively participate in governance discourse by proposing solutions to challenges the country is faced with.
While we appreciate constructive criticism, we implore citizens, especially those with political interests, to desist from engaging in talk aimed at distracting those in leadership in a bid to gain political mileage.
As the President pointed out in the closing remarks of his inaugural speech, we need to hold hands and move forward together as a united country. This is the only way we will prosper as a country.
It is only when we decide to bury our political, religious and tribal differences that we will be able to achieve meaningful development as a country.
History teaches us that a country divided against itself cannot stand in the face of formidable forces.
It therefore goes that for us to overcome the economic challenges the country has been battling with, we need to stand together as a united front.

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