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Hard work key to fulfilling one’s dreams

HARD work, obviously, is not working to wear off or kill oneself on the job, neither working untimely long hours or loading yourself with extreme knowledge at the same time, like others may perceive.
Working hard, rather, is a brand of characteristics which leads to fulfilment, that is, faith, creativity, commitment, time conscious, persistence, determination and accountability as well as checks and balances in everything.
Therefore, hard work is not determined by just doing the job but rather by how excellently you do the job.
Every excellent and fine thing is a product of hard work.
The Bible says all hard work brings a profit but mere talk leads only to poverty. Proverbs 14:23
Never settle on just wishes or saying good things about yourself which you do not even practise.
Rather say it and do it. There is no effect without cause. Therefore, what should be done must be done.
However, if working hard was as easy as swimming in the same direction where the current of water flows, then we could only have two mega structures and high-profile personalities. Remember, you can never be honoured for what you will do but only for what you have done.
Therefore, dare to do something worthy of honour.
The Bible says a poor man is shunned by all his relatives, how much more his friends avoid him though he pursues them with pleading, they are nowhere to be found. Proverbs 19:7.
The good part is that no situation is permanent, meaning you can change your situation.
You can set your record right and become a role model and those who ran away from you will come back to praise you. You can do great things, only your mind is the limit.
What your mind is able to perceive, is how far you can go.
In fact, mostly it takes a hard-working poor man to become a rich man. That is why most great men come from poor backgrounds but with a positive attitude.
Hard work is the only capital which can never be stolen from you. It is not a good idea to think there is nothing to do or that there is nothing you can do in this world of plenty.
If you are unable to create or find what to do, then it is better to learn from others instead of having good excuses for doing nothing.
Some people think being idle is humbleness. They mistake their weakness for humility, and others still think hard work is ungodly.
But if you study the book of Genesis 3, you learn that when God made man He first gave him work and then a woman to be his helper.
Also, when Jesus Christ called his first disciples, he found them already doing something.
They had different professions, they were not idle. Please, also read II Thessalonians 3:6 – 10.
Now the problem comes when we have people who desire to have positions, money, material and other things which they have not laboured for. This is the root of evil.
There is nothing for nothing. Laziness leads to short cuts and short cuts only lead to shame and destruction.
-The mentality of having priceless things will only make you vulnerable to manipulation.
It is the culture we should strive to never get used to.
Total dependence on others has made many to lose their dignity and respect and have had their visions shattered; also, it is the major cause of high rate of immorality and abuse.
If only we could all rise to an extent where we can develop a culture of hard work as a standard in everything we find to do, then we are guaranteed to eradicate poverty and change the face of our families and communities for the better.
The author is an apostle and counsellor.

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