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The Hapundas: A special love

EVEN after five years in marriage Brian Hapunda and wife Mwela Namonje are still keeping the flames burning in their marriage. Brian and Mwela, who celebrated their fifth anniversary on October 18, are still as much in love as the day they met back at the University of Zambia (UNZA).
The couple always ensures that they spend quality time together whenever they are free. “We still go out on dates and we never forget our anniversary and birthdays. Love is a beautiful thing and we thank God we met”.
“We met in our second year at UNZA in law school, we first saw each other in former Attorney General Mumba Malilia’s class who was taking us in commercial law and it happened that we were desk mates,” Brian and Mwela said.
Mr Hapunda said, “I liked her the first time I saw her but did not know how to approach her. When we were given an assignment, I told my friend Thomas Thole that we should form a study group and include Mwela. I ensured that all discussions be done at my room”.
He said Mwela did not know the reason she was included in the study group. “I told her to come to my room for a group discussion and that she will find pizza which she did and after studies I gave her the pizza”.
Brian said the study group was the start of their friendship, they would share meals; do laundry together which led to their friends at the university referring to them as love birds.
“We got on straight away and became best friends, spending every day together; we used to share the same phone because Mwela did not have a phone and when her parents wanted to talk to her they would call her on my line.
“Mwela’s father became my friend and I only met him after a year of communicating on phone,” he said.
Brian said Mwela is a very supportive, caring and understanding wife. He describes her as the pillar of his career as a young politician.
“She encourages me and is a good mother to our two children. She is very kind to both my relatives and hers including other visitors,” Brian says.
“It was not really a single moment but a long line of little things that has built our love. She is my best friend and the most beautiful woman in the world to me, I still love her like the day I met her,” he notes.
For Mwela, Brian’s confidence and courage made her fall in love with him. “He is a courageous man who is not easily shaken by circumstances. He has been a pillar of my strength, especially the time I lost my father.
“When I lost my father I became depressed, I started missing class and Mr Hapunda stepped in and ensured that I got healed. When he proposed marriage I did not hesitate to say yes because he was a man I had known for four years,” Mwela said.
She said Brian is also a good father to his two children.
Brian and Mwela believe marriage is wonderful and they draw their inspiration from their parents who treasured the union of marriage.
The couple say their marriage has been good: “It has been a wonderful marriage. It’s been hard work but we have had many good moments together.
Brian and Mwela said what has kept their love burning is communication. “A good marriage thrives on the open exchange of emotion, desires, and beliefs. In fact, communication is one of the most important aspects of a satisfying marriage”.

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