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Happy festive season, prosperous 2015

WHENEVER a person sheds tears, there are two things involved: it is either one is over-excited or in pain, and this always brings questions to onlookers. The people around get to wonder whether one is going through psychological, social, spiritual, academic, financial or political excitement or hardship.   Well, it is that time of the year again when people celebrate their various successes while others cry for various reasons.
To those that have achieved their 2014 goals, passed examinations with flying colours, graduated,  accepted in colleges/universities, got appointments/promotions, had bumper harvests and successfully sold their farm produce, those marrying and getting married and many others, I say ‘congrats’ but of course except those of you that used corrupt means though ‘the end justifies the means’.
However, to those of us whose goals were not achieved, I say ‘don’t lose heart’, just go back to the drawing board, re-plan and implement, study harder, work harder and equally smile for better health.
In Zambia, during this year`s festive season, many people are looking up in the sky and scratching their heads for various reasons. Some of us are extremely worried because we lost our breadwinners/loved ones, the rains have taken too long to come, we have no idea where we will get some money to buy our loved ones presents, pay rentals, clear remaining balances, pay tuition fees and buy school requirements, pay our workers, fund our projects, buy farm inputs, sponsor our candidates, sponsor weddings and so on.
Above all, most of us are asking God/Allah to give us a republican president that will deliver, be a defender of the Zambian Constitution, respecter of human rights, embrace all people, God/Allah-fearing, selfless, listening, understanding, and forgiving, caring, self-motivated and scrupulous person.
These, and many more, make us spend sleepless nights, move from one end to the other, knock from one door to the next, involve ourselves in corrupt activities, abuse human rights and some of us have lost faith in God/Allah because we feel abandoned and rejected.
Well, always remember that every decision you make will affect those around you in a positive or negative way, hence the need for careful analysis and consideration. Therefore, we ought to be responsible enough in our driving, feasting, campaigning, spending, travelling, and be sensitive enough whenever we get opposing views. Kindly avoid unnecessary quarrels, fights, speeding, movements during awkward hours, and any other illicit activities that might make us look over our shoulders and shed tears later.
To you our leaders, be it political, civic, religious, or traditional and otherwise; please make sure that the tranquillity, harmony, love and togetherness that we have enjoyed for the past 50 years are not lost no matter what happens.  Zambia is the only home we have and it is our full responsibility to keep beautifying and protecting her, hence the need to have a free, fair and violence-free presidential election.
Moreover, in as much as we have to fully participate in organising political rallies and attend them to listen to what our leaders have for us when voted into office, we shouldn`t forget to be reporting for work, classes, farming, gardening, providing at home, find time to be with our families, preaching and advocating for peace, denounce gender-based violence and, above all, keep seeking divine guidance from God/Allah.
Lastly, let us not abuse, harass or beat up journalists, police officers, electoral observers and others before, during and after the election. Voting for your preferred candidate is your constitutional right, so exercise it fully in confidence and honesty.
May those that died this year rest in eternal peace through the mercy and love of God/Allah and happy festive season and prosperous 2015 to you all.
Uncle Sam; author (novelist, poet), analyst, motivational speaker, anti-GBV activist and educator

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