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Happy Fathers’ Day!

THURSDAY, June 15, 2017: Someone told me today that Sunday, June 18 is Fathers’ Day. I was surprised.
We seem to make a lot of noise about Women’s Day and Mothers’ Day but we are quiet about Fathers’ Day. If a friend had not told me, I would not have known about it.

One reason why I think we do not have as much enthusiasm about Fathers’ Day as we have about Women’s Day or Mothers’ Day is because of the many sins of fathers.
We have too many children who have very little good things to say about their fathers. Let’s face it.
For instance, how many children are there who do not even know their fathers?
Their moms were impregnated perhaps in school or college and the man disowned the pregnancy for fear of the social and financial implications of the fruit of his nocturnal activities.
As a result, such children have grown up as “fatherless” children – a term that makes no sense because no child can be born without a man sperm and a woman’s egg coming into contact with each other. Strictly speaking, there is nothing like “fatherless” children.
Other children know their fathers but have never felt a father’s love. This is either because the father ran away with another woman (probably as young as they themselves are), or because the father was very violent and has been beating them and their mother up.
To such children, the word “father” conjures up thoughts of an evil monster.
The sense of betrayal that a man should abandon their mother and run off with another woman runs very deep. The shame they feel when their friends ask is crushing to their egos.
Then there is the father who is still at home and non-violent but he is never available to have fun with the children.
He is too busy with his career. He comes home late and tired, and does not want to be disturbed. Sometimes, he comes home with work from the office.
Even if the children were to try to get a gift for such a father out of a sense of duty, they do not know what kind of Fathers’ Day gift they could get him because they literally do not know what the man likes.
They never spend time with him to sense what he wants.
Should it be a wristwatch and, if so, which wristwatch would he want?
Should it be a shirt? What type would he want? Should they get him men’s perfume? Is this something that he would really like to have?
They all would have no answer to these questions.
This is very sad. We need to do something about it. The difference between Fathers’ Day and Mothers’ Day or even Women’s Day should be used as a litmus paper test.
Until we sense the same enthusiasm for all these days, we must know that we still have work to do.
Too many young men are going through life without knowing what a grown up man who is responsible in society and loving to his family looks like.
They only have examples of what a grown up man who is irresponsible in society and unloving to his family looks like!
The absence of good role models destines many young men to a future where they will fail to be the kind of men and husbands and fathers that God wants them to be.
How can they be what they have never seen in practice? And so the cycle of rot continues in society.
The picture is not totally bleak. There are some good fathers out there.
I remember one lady who told me that she is still waiting to get married because she wants to marry a man who will be like her dad.
That is the most powerful commendation you can ever get.
I am sure that such a father will be spoilt to the moon and back this Fathers’ Day. His wife and his children will want him to know how grateful they are to have such a rare species of a father in today’s world.
Let us wait and see how many fathers will experience this.
Jesus said, “Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap.
For with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you” (Luke 6:38). Well, fathers, it is payback time. Happy, Father’s Day!
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