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Happy birthday mother Zambia

THE year 2014 is an important one particularly because Zambia will be celebrating her golden jubilee under the theme “Commemorating God’s Favour of Zambia’s 50 years of independence for continued peace, unity, democracy and prosperity”.
Zambia at 50 is an incredible celebration and much more an event that is worth celebrating. Public bodies, the private sector as well as individuals from all walks of life will come together in wishing mother Zambia a happy 50th anniversary.
As the momentum heats up and activities lined up to mark the country’s 50 years of independence reach peak stage this Friday, ZABS joins the rest of the citizenry in wishing Zambia a memorable golden jubilee celebration.
The celebration marks the attainment of this important milestone in the life of our beloved country, aptly to the nation’s recognition and eternal gratitude to God for preserving Zambia as an oasis of peace in a world often beset by civil strife and other calamities, both man-made and natural.
As we celebrate Zambia at 50, ZABS reaffirms its commitment in line with our mandate to ensure that the products that are manufactured are products that are meet Zambian standards and are of good quality.   Consumers get value for their money when the products that they buy are of good quality and meet the minimum requirement of standards.
ZABS will continue conducting the surveillance inspection to ensure that consumers get products that are of quality. ZABS will also continue implementing compulsory standards through import and export inspections.
Furthermore, ZABS operates a certification scheme whereby products meeting standards are given a quality mark which signals to the consumer that the product is of good quality. This is within the Domestic Quality Monitoring Scheme (DQMS) mandate. Manufacturers need to get their products certified.
As Zambia attains 50 years of independence, ZABS will continue offering services that will be beneficial not only to the industrial sector but also to the consumers.
One of the services that ZABS is offering is the Import Quality Monitoring Scheme (IQMS) which was introduced in 2003 following the liberalisation of the economy.  The rationale of the IQMS is to ensure that products that enter the Zambian market are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they meet the minimum requirement of the set standards of the country.
This helps the importer to supply products that are of certain quality and hence avoid risks that could accompany products that are not inspected by ZABS. On the other hand, IQMS benefits consumers by allowing products that meet the standards on the market.
ZABS, through its inspection department, has become a beacon through which entrepreneurs could be helped nurture their businesses and expand through adherence to IQMS.
In order to serve the public effectively and efficiently, ZABS has enhanced its border presence. We are in Katima Mulilo, Nakonde, Livingstone, Chirundu, and now in Mwami and Chanida.  We are not just in strategic entry points but we are also in selected provinces.
Other than the IQMS, ZABS offers the DQMS where locally produced products are inspected to ensure compliance to standards.
Industries such as the mines and hospitals, ZABS is awarding you in this Golden Jubilee celebration by offering you calibration services that are traceable to the International Measurement standards. Calibration services include the following areas:
• Mass
• Length
• Force
• Volume
• Temperature
• Pressure
• Electrical
ZABS Metrology Laboratory houses the National Measurement standards. At ZABS we have modern Testing Laboratories for testing and analysis of products to national and international standards as well as client specifications. Products tested include the following:Foodstuffs and water, both for chemical and microbiological tests, meat and milk products, beverages for chemical and microbiological tests, soaps and detergents, fertilizers, mining and exploration samples for metal content, among others.
The ZABS’ library is a selling Agent for International Standards (ISO and IEC), Regional Standards, and Foreign Standards. It is also the WTO/TBT enquiry point. The library is open to all and the general public is encouraged to subscribe as members.
As we celebrate the Golden Jubilee, we wish to reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that industries comply to the set standards and that consumers get value for their money through the quality products that they will be given.
The author is Zambia Bureau of Standards public relations officer
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