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How to handle criticism

CRITICISM is one thing any dreamer or achiever should be ready to encounter on his/her way to success or achievement.
Criticism comes from different directions, and, yes, in different forms. From a mere diss to outright ridicule or even insults.
If it is not handled well, one may be forced to sink headlong in despair or in a dungeon of defeat and self-doubt.
So, before it gets to that level, it is high time you knew how to handle it.
It is worth noting that people do not attack wimps. They attack strong-minded men and women who know exactly what they want out of life. In other words, they neither have the time nor energy to attack nobodies. What will they get out of attacking a nobody? Mind you, it is about scoring points here, be it political, social, economic, etc. Hello!
Also, criticism comes in two forms. The first is constructive or valid criticism, whereas the second and most common one is malicious criticism, or one that comes out of malice. If it is constructive criticism, swallow your pride and learn from it.
After all, it is for your own betterment. However, if it is malicious criticism, or the one driven by the famous pull-him-down, nonchalantly ignore it!
There are numerous benefits for doing so.
There is no better way to avoid distraction than ignoring malicious criticism, unless of course you want to be distracted.
Ignoring criticism helps you to develop a sense of urgency, purpose and direction. This will help you to always be within the rails, and in line with your vision, and your destiny, too.
There is no doubt that you’ll gain positive energy. Truth is criticism, just like any form of negativity drains the much-needed energy out of your body. No wonder, one wise man said, “Negativity is toxic, run away from it.”
You’re able to focus on most important tasks at hand or activities. Remember, it is not about perfectionism, it’s about getting results and making progress.
Having observed all these principles, you should be able to achieve, regardless of the degree of criticism you may be faced with. There is no worthwhile success that is attained without criticism.
Besides, criticism is a blessing in disguise, as critics want you to fail. But, more often than not, people who are heavily criticised are the ones who succeed in grand style in what they do.
At the end of the day, criticism leads to eulogies. Take, for example, Queen Victoria of England. She was earlier ridiculed and described as a foolish old woman. But later she was eulogised as someone who was intelligent and determined. The same can be said about Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was earlier berated as an old man with insane lust for power, only to be revered later as a great United States President and statesman.
But, if you’re too ‘kind’ not to ignore criticism, you’ll reap the following bitter consequences:
Your critics will afford to make you quite bitter and irritable, at the very least.
You’ll spend time fighting unnecessary battles. Obviously, this will mean less time spent on your important goals. And if you’re a leader, this may just be a sad state of affairs, and pitiable at best.
As a result, you may not get anything done.
This may put you on your sure path to failure, not to mention suffering untold humiliation. In other words, you’ll give a field day to your critics.
In conclusion, learn from constructive criticism, but be sure to ignore criticism that come out of pure malice. And, bear in mind that people do not attack weaklings. Because, as one respected philosopher said, “If people are attacking you, then just know that you’re powerful.”
The author is a motivational speaker, writer, life coach and entrepreneur.

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