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Handbags are meant to be light

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OVER the years, I have struggled to convince my friends on the need to keep handbags light, to prolong their use.

If you consider yourself a stylish woman, then there are just some things you always need to carry in your handbag.
Mostly, women turn handbags into travelling bags, with almost everything one needs to carry when they are on a trip.
Some handbags are stuffed with lunch boxes, books, and all the heavy items you can think of. This is not right because no matter how strong a handbag is, the handles will certainly loosen and break over a period of time.
Handbags, or purses, as some call them, are meant to be light.
Carry essential items such as wallet containing all your bank cards and identity cards, a small make-up bag containing all make-up accessories including hand lotion and hair pins, hand and facial wipes, travel-size perfume, a pen, and a note book if you are a journalist like me.
Here is a break-down of why these items are a must in a woman’s handbag.
Apart from carrying some money with you, there are other important identity cards such as driver’s licence that you need to have at all times to avoid being inconvenienced by the police, among other public officers. The wallet also has provisions for your bank cards.
Make-up bag
This is a must-have for every woman. Even if you are the kind of woman who does your make-up before leaving home, you just need it for touch-ups throughout the day. Some make-ups, unless done by professionals, need touch-ups from time to time. The make-up bag should also contain lotion because you need it to moisturise your hands whenever you wash your hands.
Hand and facial wipes
These are also essential to sanitise your hands, and also wipe the sweat off your face when need arises. You can also use the wipes to wipe off any thing that messes your outfit.
Travel-size perfume
There are women who always feel the scent of the perfume evaporates over a period of time and so they carry a small perfume to enhance the scent from time to time.
Pen and notebook
If you are a career woman or businesswoman, a pen is a must-have in your handbag as you will need to use it at some point in the course of the day. And if you are a journalist like I am, a notebook is essential as a story can break out anywhere and anytime.
These are just some of the items you must carry in your handbag but you are free to include any other items I may have skipped. Just remember the message is, Keep it light.
Have a blessed weekend.
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