Hamoba ready for new album


AFTER he released his third album in 2013 called Still Me which largely suffered from poor marketing, Hamoba says he is ready to release his fourth album which he says will be different from his previous works.

Hamoba says the album will have 13 songs and he has already recorded nine songs. Some of the title songs on the album Nchimunya and “Smiling”. The album will be released in December probably as a Christmas gift for his fans.
“It might come out earlier or it might delay because what I’m trying to do is to make sure I have everything in place,” he says.
“It’s almost done, just about a couple of more songs like three or four to go. When I finish, we also have to lay down a plan for marketing and promoting it. We also plan to tour the country after it’s out.
“The thing about the album is that I have embraced the current sound that is going on and then I have also coupled it with the Hamoba that people know, the thing that they have always appreciated about my music.”
He says he has worked with a few artistes who include General Ozzy, Runell, Kaladoshas and T-Sean while on the technical production, he collaborated with TK, Kekero and T-Sean.
Earlier this year, Hamoba released two singles titled Kamoba and Tulo and says he will release another single next month just before the album is out.
He is also working on a video for Tulo and another one for Kamoba, which will be a remix and will feature a Tanzanian artiste.
“My inspiration is drawn from the whole music industry in general. I like the fact that we have got so many musicians right now, very talented young guys. It’s really inspiring to see that I have actually inspired some young talents to be where they are today,” he says.

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