Gutted Chalimbana reconstruction to cost K1.5m

GOVERNMENT will spend between K1.5 million and K2 million to reconstruct a building which was gutted by fire at Chalimbana University last month.

Minister of Works and Supply Mathew Nkhuwa said his ministry did an assessment to see whether the building can be rehabilitated but discovered the damage was too extreme.
He said in an interview on Monday that technocrats from his ministry prepared a report indicating that the building is absolute.     
“Since the building is absolute, it does not come under maintenance. The report will go to the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure to put it in their budget and mobilise resources for a new building to be constructed,” Mr Nkuwa said.
Mr Nkhuwa said students affected are squatting elsewhere until a new building is erected.
Fire swept through a hostel block at Chalimbana University in Chongwe last month destroying property worth thousands of Kwacha.
The fire is believed to have started from the common room of the hostel.


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