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Guard batters patient

A PRISON warder allegedly battered and assaulted a sick male inmate in his hospital bed after he complained about being given a small left-over sausage.
Patrick Chama allegedly beat up Maria Sikuto, who is admitted to the male tuberculosis (TB) ward at Lewanika General Hospital, on Sunday around 17:00 hours.
Lewanika General Hospital acting senior administrator Leo Hibajene said the hospital received the report of the alleged assault during a morning briefing on Monday and later made a follow-up with the victim.
Mr Hibajene said the victim confirmed having been assaulted on two occasions.
He said Sikuto narrated that Chama first assaulted him after he asked why he was being given a left-over sausage and also for delaying to come out of the toilet where he had gone to relieve himself.
Mr Hibajene said another male patient, Mubiana Mubiana, said he had witnessed the beatings.
“Sikuto narrated that Chama came in with a small left-over sausage and gave him but he [Sikuto] complained that it was too small. That annoyed him and he started beating him saying ‘how can you complain about a sausage which you don’t even see at the prison’?
“After that incident, Sikuto said he asked for permission to go to the toilet but delayed to return, which prompted more beatings,” Mr Hibajene said.
He said according to eyewitness accounts, Chama also allegedly confiscated the hospital blankets Sikuto was covering himself with, saying he did not deserve them.
Mr Hibajene said a doctor had since examined Sikuto after he complained of a headache and pains below his ribs.
He the hospital has written to the command at Mongu Correctional Centre to reprimand their officers over such behaviour.
“We have simply told them that we do not want to see such a thing repeat itself in the hospital premises. We regard everyone who is admitted here as our patients regardless of their status,” he said.
By press time, efforts were being made to get a comment from Zambia Correctional Service command.