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Growing demand of paper by schools worrying

Dear editor,
I HAVE observed a growing demand, by both government and private schools, for parents to contribute a realm of paper. This is a serious demand and pupils sometimes risk being sent away from class if the demand is not met.
I am urging the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of General Education to state if this is a government policy.
If each child takes a realm of paper, it means the school will have the same number of realms as the number of pupils, which I feel is too much.
If each learner submits a realm of paper, I do not think they need that much paper for the teacher to print homework and tests for each pupil. It means schools are collecting more papers than they actually need.
I would suggest that the Ministry of General Education looks into this matter and that a policy or statement be issued to forbid schools collecting realms of paper from learners, instead, let the schools factor the cost of realms of paper in the fees.
I am happy that certain government schools receive user fees through the banks. Let schools buy the stationery.
University of Lusaka

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