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Groom your bride into a wife you want

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TODAY, we have a lot of divorces because some men have no idea of their role in the lives of the women that they marry. They expect a ‘perfect’ woman but that it requires patience to bring out the best in someone.

There are some men that believe they made a mistake by marrying the women they ended with. As a result, their search for that ‘perfect’ woman continues.

Some men have ended up divorcing their wives because according to them, she is nothing near to what he thought. When the journey of marriage begins, both have to groom the other on what is expected.
Men should not expect women to be up to their expectation without the men making an effort to make a woman realise what her man expects.
It is true that some men have high expectations of their wives yet some men will not even state what those expectations are. Men need to learn to communicate their expectations of their wives as opposed to keeping quiet.
This is a challenge to men, those who want to take the route of divorce. Ask yourselves if you have made the effort of making her know your expectations.
Spouses need to complement each other to build their relationship. Spouses need to build each other, whether strengths or weaknesses. Each and every person has strengths and weaknesses, but the problem is that, sometimes, we merely want to walk away before attempting to make it work.
Two people in marriage are both from different backgrounds, so it is unrealistic to expect someone to change overnight, accept her, love her, teach her and be patient with her; that is what grooming is all about. She is going to be your wife but she is your bride now and your job is to groom her.
Stop complaining about her and be patient with her. I don’t believe that your marriage can’t work just because you are different. You have to be patient and allow God to help you bring the best out of her.
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