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PEOPLE in rural areas depend on agriculture for their survival. PICTURE: ZANIS

Greening our future

ACCORDING to scientists, the world is on an unsustainable development model where economic growth is happening at the expense of the environment. The need for a well-balanced approach has, therefore, become a necessity rather than an extravagance. Experts further suggest the green growth model which has the required balanced approach to foster economic growth and development as the best approach. This is because it ensures nature continues to provide the resources and environmental services on which people’s well-being depends. Zambia, through the new administration led by President Hakainde Hichilema, has embraced the green economy route to development through the creation of a ministry solely dedicated to green economy and environment. The Ministry of Green Economy and Environment is expected to contribute positively to ensuring the country’s green development takes place. In his first address to Parliament over a week ago, President Hichilema said a well-managed environment is critical for achieving economic recovery, sustained growth and improved livelihoods.The President sounded Government’s commitment to strengthening the institutional framework for implementing climate interventions. Further, Government will ensure low carbon and climate-resilient development pathways are used.
“With the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment, we will champion environmental sustainability and implement policies that will yield benevolent dividends for generations to come. We will also implement international agreements and protocols to strengthen programming on climate change,” President Hichilema said. Sitting at the helm of the new ministry is Collins Nzovu, whose vision is clear, focusing on low carbon use, resource efficiency and social inclusivity. Mr Nzovu’s emphasis is CLICK TO READ MORE