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Green Party providing checks, balances

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to thank Mr Peter Sinkamba and the Green Party for being a peaceful and relevant opposition. This is as it should be.
While some politicians are filled with hate and criticism for the Government, but without providing solutions for the well-being of the majority Zambians, Green Party provides checks and balances and gives solutions to the country.
The Green Party has been very cautious on building a peaceful and prosperous Zambia. They have been consistent in advising Government to consider marijuana for medicinal purposes and how it would bring about economic boost to the nation. Hats off to Mr Sinkamba. His has been a fight for the betterment of the Zambians, unlike some opposition whose preoccupation is to get to Plot One and remove the existing party in government. To most of us that can read through them, they are irrelevant and are capable of bringing misery and chaos to Zambia.
As I said in my last letter concerning growing of dagga, give it to Zambians, including the army, to grow it. With that, the profits that will come in will be within our economy. Please, don’t give this business to the Chinese and other international investors.
Make Zambia great again! Empower Zambians.