Green Party pledges to improve health-care by marijuana revenue


GREEN Party president Peter Sinkamba has pledged to improve health-care provision in Zambia by spending US$6.5 billion from medicinal marijuana revenue if he is elected president in the January 20 poll.
Mr Sinkamba said in a statement yesterday that several structural and service delivery reforms have been lined up for implementation in the health sector.
“We will dedicate part of the revenue generated from the export of medicinal marijuana to create a US$2 billion health insurance scheme linked to social security to support poor families in times of ill-health,” he said.
Mr Sinkamba said that his party also intends to recapitalise Medical Stores by US$1 billion so as to decentralise it to ensure easy access to medical supplies.
He said that his party will establish autonomous supply agencies in each provincial capital to guarantee prompt delivery of medical supplies countrywide.
Mr Sinkamba said that it will be the policy of his government to extend the use of both conventional and alternative medicines.
He said that he will also recognise the use of herbal medicines as well in some specialised hospitals, while at the same time establishing a National Research Bureau for Complementary and Alternative Medicines at a planned cost of US$500 million generated from medicinal marijuana exports.
Mr Sinkamba said that the proposed bureau will be responsible for production of complementary and alternative medicines.
He said that the bureau will also be responsible for collection and dissemination of information on use and abuse of various drugs and other substances.
Mr Sinkamba said that in terms of structural reforms, he intends to continue with the on-going construction of clinics and hospitals countrywide where an allocation of US$500 million from the medicinal marijuana export revenue will greatly help.

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