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Green Eagles should look beyond ZNS support

Dear editor,
OUR prayer is that Green Eagles plays its CAF games in Choma.
The team has been great and may well benefit from local support.
While ZNS sponsors the team (close to 100 percent), it is best also to consider other models of support, which will loop in the private sector within the district.
For instance, even based on its existence in the league – which is guaranteed for 2019, there is need to impress on the Choma-based private sector, especially the hospitality industry to directly support Eagles.
At a minimum, the travelling teams visit Choma with delegations of not less than 30 persons (averaging 15 direct rooms or for the more lucrative 30 rooms).
If a guest house accommodating a team started to provide a K50/room for each occupied room for the teams coming to play Eagles, this money would offset some of the costs this team is incurring. We can’t deny that there is an economy in Choma induced by Eagles prowess and the club can do well to exploit a mutual benefit from that. Food for thought.