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Green Buffaloes ‘stuck’ behind the Curtain

THE Green Buffaloes Theatre Club was geared last Friday night to perform at the Lusaka Playhouse but nearly an hour into the scheduled start of the show, there was still no audience.
The stage was set and the cast members had rehearsed their parts, but alas, yet again, the show could not happen for lack of an audience.
Not a soul was inside the theatre house despite there being a considerable number of revellers outside, entertaining themselves through alcoholic beverages and tending a braai.
Close to an hour after the show was planned to start, the chairs of the Playhouse auditorium remained empty despite the actors already positioned behind the curtain in anticipation of their performance.
Ironically, the play originally written by award-winning Eric Kasomo Jr was titled Behind the Curtain, even as the cast members were located precisely behind the curtain of the playhouse.
Sadly, that curtain remained drawn due to an empty playhouse until the cast members had to eventually disperse.
It was unfortunately the second time the show got cancelled after a power outage two weeks prior, prevented it from proceeding.
Unequipped with a back-up generator, playhouse management was forced to put off the first showing of Behind the Curtain to last Friday.
Director Owen Matenga admitted that the show failed to draw an audience given that it was planned at the start of the long weekend and therefore competing with too many acts on the same night.
He said the show would be shown soon from within the army barracks to a non-public audience.

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