Gravy art to inspire young talent

DAVID Ngosa might not be a household name on the Zambian artscape but the upcoming artist has a creative ambition that could inspire young talent to higher creative heights.
David, a gifted artist initially formed Gravy Art as an online platform in 2014 to showcase his artworks.
After realizing the huge creative potential among Zambian youths, David, a youth himself extended his online platform to host other upcoming artists.
With a horde drawings and paintings flooded on its web page, Gravy art online portal has attracted individuals and art communities at home and abroad.
This February, Gravy Art has come out of cyber space into the real world where the group is networking with other artists.
To announce its physical presence, Gravy Art held its debut exhibition dubbed “Valentine Show” at Levy Mall in Lusaka.
The group was supported by Switch energy drink which assisted it with logistics for the show, paying for the venue and branding.
David explained that the art group needs financial support from the corporate world as it intends to have open exhibitions and interact with the community.
David said corporate support to the arts is a win-win situation because a business entity gets exposure from their creativity while they have their work done as a group.
“Ours is a movement that is aimed to inspire creative youths to rise to the occasion and make a difference through art.
“The group has an outreach program where it will be visiting schools to identify and support creative talent”. He added.
David Ngosa is the founder of the group.
While each of the other members has a unique talent, David who describes himself as an ultra-realistic artist, works with pencil and acrylics; This is an artist who has perhaps a vivid pencil depiction of late President  Michael Sata that I have ever seen.
At the debut Expo, David exhibited president Sata’s portrait along with his recent drawing of a young lady. It is an eye-catching pencil drawing with intricate detail.
Other members of the group include Chisomo  Kondowe a comic, cartoonist who also does still life drawings, and Leonard Ngulube, specialises in  tattoo a rather unusual genre of art that rides on the body as  its canvas.
Anthony Brobbey is into fashion designing and graffiti art.
The rest are Chiti Nkole, who is into a rare genre of performing arts but he also does conventional abstract paintings,  and Koji Chindumba a graphic designer, who also does public relations and manages the group.
Going by the profile of its members it appears Gravy Art is a group to reckon with as far as budding talent on the Zambian artscape is concerned.

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