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Grandmother goes back to school

LUCY LUMBE, Livingstone
BEING a seventh grader who was struggling to read and write, Esnart Mwanza was heavily bullied to the point of her throwing in the towel in education.
Ms Mwanza recalls that at age 17, relatively older than all her classmates, the school environment became so hostile to her that not even her teachers spared her the torment of bullying and name-calling.
This forced Esnart, who was labelled a ‘slow learner’ by her classmates and teachers too, to drop out of school before she sat her Grade 7 examinations.
Now aged 45, Ms Mwanza, a mother and grandmother who has revived her long lost dream of becoming a councillor, has enrolled for adult literacy classes and says: “The programme will help me improve my reading and writing skills so that I could complete my Grade 12 and stand as a councillor.”
The mother of four says she has always wanted to become a councillor, a dream which was almost shattered when she was disqualified for adoption in 2016 because she did not have a Grade 12 certificate.