Govt urged to reduce road construction costs

GOVERNMENT has been advised to reduce on the high road construction costs to make the sector contribute positively to the country’s development.
Premier Consult chief executive officer Oliver Saasa said Zambia lacks adequate transaction advisory services, a state of affairs that partially explain the higher costs of road construction in the country than the regional average.
Professor Saasa said this on Thursday night during a presentation on a research study focusing on road infrastructure development and how it is impacting on Zambia’s national development at the Economics Association of Zambia discussion.
“Zambia is a high cost country in the area of road construction relative to regional comparator countries. The situation is worsened by roads with lower economic returns being constructed as the potential for good returns from such investments is curtailed,” he said.
Over the years, spending on Zambian roads has remained significant but positive progress has been subdued due CLICK TO READ MORE

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