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Govt to improve power supply at MFEZ

GOVERNMENT intends to improve power supply and review incentives to attract more investors in the Lusaka South Multi-facility Zone (LS-MFEZ).
Currently, the LS-MFEZ has 46 approved companies with total pledged investments of US$1.5 billion with only 12 firms on the ground with an estimated investment level of US$180 million.
But Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Christopher Yaluma said there is need to address challenges of power supply, which is cardinal for the efficient operations of any industry.
Mr Yaluma said the investor inflow will only increase when all services are available, citing water, electricity, roads, and fibre optic.
“What we would like to see as Government is full occupation of the LS-MFEZ to reap what is intended to come out of [this initiative], which is to promote manufacturing, stimulate export activities, technological development, skills transfer, and