Letter to the Editor

Govt should exempt vulnerable senior citizens from paying tax

Dear editor,
FROM time immemorial, senior citizens have been subjected to tax when in other countries they are exempted.
These senior citizens have been paying tax from the time we got independence and they can’t continue paying taxes on a monthly basis. We are a Christian nation and we understand that Government pays goods and services by paying taxes.
Zambia Revenue Authority should exempt all senior citizens from penalty fee on any nil return done because where will that senior citizen find cash to pay that penalty fee.
It is unreasonable and unfair to mistreat senior citizens who struggling to feed their children.
It is for this reason that Government should consider exempting all senior citizens from paying taxes.
Instead, ZRA should widen its tax base to cover other areas.
Let the Government get more taxes from the mines.
There are also some investors who have a tendency of evading tax by forming companies when the investment tax holiday incentive expires.
They form other companies just to avoid paying tax.
The period of five years for a tax holiday should be reduced to three years.
ZRA should work extra hard in broadening the tax base, not by punishing senior citizens.

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