Govt to ensure equity in health delivery

GOVERNMENT will ensure equity in the delivery of health services both in rural and urban areas, Deputy Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya has said.
Dr Chilufya also said Government is determined to strengthen the referral system at health facilities in rural areas, especially maternity services.
“Equity in access to healthcare will tremendously help in improving the quality of healthcare system in rural areas,” he said.
Dr Chilufya was speaking in Chipili on Saturday when he handed over an ambulance to Mushota Rural health Centre.
He said that it is sad that expectant mothers have continued dying due to lack of ambulances in rural areas.
Dr Chilufya said Government will not segregate in the manner it delivers health services because the sector plays an important role in national development.
He said Government will fulfil its campaign promises of improving people’s lives by building hospitals.
And Jason Mfula, who once served as MP for Chipili, said the residents of Chipili are delighted that Government has delivered an ambulance to the area.

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