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Govt empowers youths with land for agriculture

GOVERNMENT has introduced a youth empowerment scheme called special use resettlement centre to empower youths with land for agricultural purposes.
Youth, Sport and Child Development assistant director Muma Mukupa said in an interview recently that two youth settlement schemes in Mporokoso and Mufumbwe are currently functional.
“We are giving the youths land for free and start-up packages for free so that they can engage in agricultural activities,’’ he said.
He said two resettlement schemes which are currently functional will increase crop production in Zambia because the youths will be able to contribute to the national food basket.
“Some of Zambia’s neighbouring countries will also benefit from the crop that will be grown in the two resettlement schemes,” he said.
He said committees have since been established in different parts of the country to ensure that all provinces come up with youth resettlement schemes.
Mr Mukupa said Government decided to empower young people with agricultural empowerment schemes so that they can appreciate agriculture.
He said many young people do not take up agriculture as a career, but that they perceive it as a career for the elderly people.
Mr Mukupa is hopeful that with the establishment of the scheme, many young people will be able to appreciate agriculture.
He said Government is targeting youths aged between 18 to 25 years as beneficiaries of the scheme.
Mr Mukupa said with the empowerment scheme, many young people will embrace the spirit of hard work for themselves and their families.
“Our role is to mobilise the youths so that we can make their lives as comfortable as possible,’’ Mr Mukupa said.
He said the resettlement schemes have been designed to also accommodate schools, recreation centres and sports facilities.

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