Letter to the Editor

Govt advised to ensure appropriate water projects

Dear editor,
I WISH to thank Government for its  US$14million project which will enhance the supply of clean water and sanitation in all the 16 districts of  Western Province.
May I appeal to Government to ensure that these projects serve their purpose.
I  say so because the pump at Malala area in Shangombo district, popularly known as “ muchokocho” by the Lozi people, does not serve the purpose it was constructed.
While the residents appreciate the pump, the water is not good. It has a salty taste and an oily smell such that  when someone  washes his/her hands using the same water, immediately the water dries off, the hands look whitish as though they were dipped in powdered chlorine.
To make matters worse, this pump is located at Malala school. Therefore, I see a challenge of children accessing the water during classes .
I suggest that  Government goes a step further to purify such water so that the project benefits the intended beneficiaries or, else it may end up being a waste of resources .

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