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Government welcomes first pig buffer zone

ZAMBIA Pig Genetics and Leopard Investments Company Limited have launched the country’s first pig compartment facility which will provide a high-level bio-security safe zone for pig production and protect the industry from animal diseases.
And Government will this year deploy veterinary and para veterinary professionals to rural areas to help unlock the value chain within the livestock industry.
The launch of the compartment follows the full certification and approval of its piggery in Chisamba and Chongwe as a pig compartment for the sale and export of pigs and pork products within Zambia and other countries.
Zambia Pig Genetics director Carl Irwin said local farmers are now able to farm pigs much more lucratively as a result of the health status of its superior breeds which yield better weight, more piglets and are resistant to diseases.
“The process has taken us over three years and we are now happy that this has been completed and full certification has been given by the ministry.
“The full certifications were received in December 2022 and will ensure that we follow the guidelines and protocols which go with CLICK TO READ MORE