Letter to the Editor

Government should stop training male nurses

Dear editor,
FOR a long time a lot of women have been complaining that they feel insecure to be attended to by male nurses. Some cases may have gone unreported but thank God, our newspapers have reported about a Mkushi- based male nurse who allegedly raped a woman who was six months pregnant who had gone for antenatal examination on August 29, 2018.
In the first place, why didn’t he invite the husband to be in the screening room but asked him to remain outside? Anyway, I can’t say much on this, but just to appeal to Government to seriously stop training male nurses in our country.
Let men who are interested in health train as doctors and clinical officers. After all, nursing is better done by women, who have the natural heart for love and care. The founder of nursing Florence Nightingale, should be rolling in her grave to see male nurses abuse their patients.
The General Nursing Council and Health Professional council of Zambia should protect our women who seek medical treatment before people lose confidence in the health providers.

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