Government to set up fish-farming scheme in Gwembe

GOVERNMENT intends to set up an aqua-park in Chief Chipepo’s area in Gwembe to promote fish farming and reduce dependence on capture fishing in Lake Kariba.
“So far, we have received K150,000 towards the establishment of the aqua-park,” Gwembe district agricultural coordinator Imbuwa Mushebwa said.
Mr Mushebwa said in consultation with Chief Chipepo’s council, an area has been identified while the provincial engineer and his fisheries counterpart are working on the designs for the aqua-park office and pond.
He said farmers will be doing cage fish farming at the pond.
“We will be producing fingerlings, put them in cages and put them in the lake, where they will be fed,” Mr Mushebwa said.
The agricultural coordinator said instead of concentrating on capture fishing, Government wants the locals to start growing their own fish to earn more income and ultimately cut down on imported fish.
“The fish population in the lake is dwindling, especially on our side [Zambia]. On the Zimbabwean side, fishing is strictly controlled,” he said.
Mr Mushebwa cited illegal fishing and use of wrong fishing materials as two major reasons for the depletion of stocks in Lake Kariba.

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