Letter to the Editor

Government deserves praise

Dear editor,
THE adage from our wise cousins which states: Ushitatashya mwana wandoshi (One who doesn’t appreciate is a son of a wizard), Luangwa Feira residents have every reason to be grateful over the opening of the first district hospital.
Most Feira residents were travelling a journey of 50 kilometres on a bumpy road to the nearest mission hospital which is Katondwe, the only functional hospital in the district.
This situation led to a lot of deaths during the transportation process, especially those with acute or chronic diseases or those who had been attacked by elephants and crocodiles, as the Luangwa River is rated most infested with crocodiles in Southern Africa and second in Africa.
All in all, words of thanks and tears of joy are what is in the eyes of most old parents who have suffered all along in their existence. I now appeal to the Ministry of Transport and Communications to also facilitate quality communication, especially in times of epidemics such as cholera, which is affecting our capital city Lusaka.
Luangwa Feira Extention

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