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Gospel artistes go on worship and praise tour


Gospel Grooves with FELIX NYAMBE
THEY are young, intelligent, blessed and hungry for the word of God, with their tool being only their rich praise and worship in gospel music.
Having released some inspiring and uplifting Christian music over the last few years, Deborah Chashi, Petershakes Kaira, Portipher Mpundu and 1 Matteyo the Igwe, among others, are taking their anointed music closer to their flock.
These young ministers of the gospel, who in recent years have been touring across the country, have decided to come together and form a group which has embarked on a “Gospel Music Tour”.
Now, that is an awesome crusade that should please both the Heavens and earth because where two or more people are gathered, there Jesus dwells also.
Petershakes, who not too long ago, embarked on a marathon tour of the country to promote his debut solo album titled Isampo, confirmed the development to Gospel Grooves during the week.
With some abundant spiritual healing songs to their credit, these young crusaders have all it takes to make a difference in both the young and the old people’s lives.
In truth and in spirit, they are determined to deliver souls, heal broken hearts, unite families, cement marriage ties and bring sanity to youths who have abandoned the Word.
In Deborah is a fine and God-fearing gospel songstress whose album, in case you missed the review on this column, is truly rehabilitating souls.
Her album is called Run to You and contains such appealing songs as Zina Lanu, Simbangai, Mwaliwama, Nikuyamikani, Waiting on You and Going Higher.
Having anointed his new legion of fans with some amazing songs and dance with the award-wining group, Peace Preacherz, over the last three years, Petersakes is on song with Isampo.
Just like he had attempted to bring Heaven closer to home with the Peace Preacherz through their defining albums – Katalalikia Wamabimbi and Ninkumbu Shenu – Petershakes’s solo album is a true revelation in Christ Jesus.
It contains such fulfilling songs as Mwebalolekesha, Umoyo, Pafinu, Condemn, Ingileni and Discover Recover, all food for the lost souls.
Meanwhile, his former side-kick at Peace Preacherz, 1 Matteyo a.k.a Matheweuz Fujimori Matteyo, is simply in the sanctuary of the most high.
His new solo album is titled God’s Time (is the best) and brings salvation to those who most need it through such songs as Muyende Mutamanda, Azachesa, Ni Chiling’a, Pemphero, Lelo Lelo and Nibuya Wany.
His album-launch took place at among other venues, Glory Baptist Church in Misisi compound in Lusaka and Chipata’s Reformed Church of Zambia and all those who attended testified to the goodness of his music.
The faithful young ministers were all set to kick-off their tour last Friday with a bash tentatively billed for the Bigoca Church in Mandevu compound.
Next Friday, the “gospel family” goes to Chilililabombwe on the Copperbelt for a concert at the Angels of Praise and will wind up their first leg at Glory Baptist Church in Misisi compound in Lusaka.
“We are trying to promote unity among gospel music ministers, both established and up-coming in our crusade to promote gospel music trough concerts,”” stated Petershakes.
He added: “These concerts will be taken monthly to all parts of the country so that people can witness the hand of God”.
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