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Good values a compass for life

THIS world offers so many opportunities.
However, some of the youths get confused in the midst of numerous opportunities that they end up doing nothing but become mere spectators, embittered gossipers and jealous of those who are pursuing their dreams.
But it is important to realise that you were born in order to be a team player rather than watching and cheering others on their way to meaningful success.
On the other hand, if you try to pursue every opportunity, be assured that you will end up becoming or achieving nothing. Someone said: “If you chase two rabbits at a time, you will end up losing both.”
Suffice to say, focused life is very important for someone to consistently remain in the right trajectory towards their dream destination. Good focused life requires good values. Deviant behaviour starts with undermining good values and making a decision to abandon them.
Values are principles or standard of behaviour that you consider to be essential and beneficial. They form a basis of one’s judgment about what is good or bad, right or wrong. Good values are a basis for good decision making and setting right priorities.
Just like Mahatma Gandhi said: “Keep your values positive, they become your destine” good values are a compass for life towards meaningful living.
Proverbs 4:23 says: “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is a wellspring of your life.”
In this quotation, the word heart is synonymous with values. The heart, as values functions as a compass for life because they determine the course and the end of your life.
In the midst of so many options availed to you of what you can become, good values function as a guide towards making right decisions and setting of beneficial priorities.
Without good values of life, confusion will definitely reign.
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