Letter to the Editor

Good roads key to development

Dear editor,
SOMETIME back critics of Government condemned the ongoing road infrastructure development saying ‘you can’t eat roads’.

Now, those armchair critics must be swallowing their words because all well-meaning Zambians are seeing that good roads are key to national development.
The Industrial Revolution which first occurred in Britain between 1760 and 1840 and later spread to the rest of Europe was partly accelerated by the construction of networks of roads and railways. A look at the map of Europe attests to this fact. Europe is fully linked by air, land and sea.
In Zambia the coming of good roads countrywide will mean more money in people’s pockets.
Time is money. With user-friendly roads, the travelling public who include workers, businessmen and women will save time (money); motorists will have reduced vehicle repair costs.
It’s good that Government is prioritising construction of economic roads like the Ndola – Lusaka dual-carriage way. Then there is Lumumba junction to Kabangwe: six lanes. Entering and exiting northern Lusaka City will be quick. This will certainly rebound in productive people’s favour.

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