Good Husband campaign to reduce GBV – Mpezeni

PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni is confident that the launch of the Good Husband campaign in Eastern Province will help reduce cases of gender-based violence (GBV) in homes.
Chief Mpezeni said GBV can be curbed if men start promoting peace with their families.
“This is first time such a campaign is being launched in the province. If we have good husbands, peace will reign in homes but when we have bad ones, violence will prevent children from attending school,” he said.
He said development cannot take place where there is violence he urged men to become agents of change in homes and workplaces.
And Chief Maguya said the coming of the Good Husband campaign in his chiefdom has made his task easier. He also warned parents against early marriages as it was the root cause of GBV in homes.
He said good homes entail mutual respect for both husband and wives instead of turning them into battle fields.
Meanwhile Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) vice-president Patricia Nyirenda said the association last year recorded 8,104 cases of GBV countrywide with 28 percent cases coming from Eastern Province.
Ms Nyirenda commended Government for coming up with a good law on GBV which she said needed to be supported by initiatives such as the Good Husband campaign.
And prior to becoming a good husband activist Ramsden Banda 65 of Chipata recalled his mischievous behaviour and infidelity.
Mr Banda said recently that as a young star, he never understood the importance of the holy matrimony hence he found it easy to cheat on his wife.
“I used to spend nights at girlfriends homes but now I am a changed man following the (YWCA) programme which was launched in our chiefdom here in Chief Maguya’s area,” he said.

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