Godly courtship as first step to marriage

Title: Godly Courtship: A Guide and Persuasion for Youths
Author: David Kaunda
Place of publication: Lusaka, Zambia
Publisher: Juziel Digital Print Limited
Pages: 123
MORAL decay in the Zambian society today is evidenced by an increase in the divorce rate, spousal killings, gender-based violence, juvenile delinquency, child defilement, gangsterism, political violence and general disorders in homes and communities.
The recently launched book Godly Courtship: A Guide and Persuasion for Youths serves as a timely reminder to everyone in the country that God’s eternal purpose is for man to live in a community where there is love, happiness, unity, joy, peace, selflessness and harmony.
The author David Kaunda emphasises the need for youths to take courtship seriously as it is the first step in the marriage process.
Orderly communities that God intended from the beginning can only be realised through a “holy matrimony, even a godly courtship”.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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