God only source of true freedom

Dear editor
THROUGHOUT history, nations have waged brutal wars in the name of freedom.
There is illegitimate freedom offered by the devil, which is moral independence.
This is more appealing mainly to youths – the freedom to indulge in illicit sex.
Sex outside marriage may give a few moments of pleasure, but it becomes bitter a few seconds later.
Instead of finding more freedom and lasting happiness, our youths have sold themselves and their future into bondage to sin, with disastrous consequences such as sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancies and death.
God is the only source of absolute freedom.
Yet, He never misuses it; nor does he monopolise it.
If the devil could induce two perfect humans – not to mention a number of spirit creatures – to reject God, he could deceive us, too!
His strategy remains much the same.
He tries to mislead us into thinking that God’s standards on sex are burdensome and are meant to rob us of fun and excitement.
Young people, in particular, are a constant target of the devil.
Satan does not want you to think about the ghastly consequences of sin.
But always remember that sinful pleasures often come at great cost.
They are cruel deceptions!

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