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God is in control, says Lungu

PRESIDENT Lungu says he is in full charge of the country and has assured that God is in full control of the situation.
The President said Zambia is a land of laws. Every citizen, including himself, must abide by laws.

“I am in charge of Zambia and God is in control. And I am on the right course. If I am wrong, posterity will judge me as Christians are praying for me,” President Lungu said.
He was speaking in Lusaka yesterday during the launch of the Seventh National Development Plan at Mulungushi International Conference Centre.
President Lungu said there are 15 million people who should not be put in harm’s way by a few individuals.
“No one is special and no one is above the law. We will not condone lawlessness in the country because every country has rules which govern it,” President Lungu said.
He said Zambia is a Christian nation and would remain as such and that those who believe in God will go down on their knees every morning to ask God to do the right thing.
“I am just in charge but God is in control. So, pray for me to do the right thing. If what I am doing is not the right thing, your prayers will change me, but so far, I am on the right course,” President Lungu said.
Last week, three church mother bodies claimed that Zambia has slid into a dictatorship following the arrest of United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema, a position that has been dismissed by the larger Christian community.
And speaking earlier, Minister of Development Planning Lucky Mulusa said Government consulted widely on the formulation of the SNDP.
“I wish to thank everyone who had an input in this document, including members of the opposition. We pay attention to what you say; whether it is insults we extract something valuable,” Mr Mulusa said.