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God appeared to me in my dream – Prophet Bushiri

PROPHET Shepherd Bushiri.

Sunday Profile: NOMSA NKANA, Lusaka
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was a young lad when God appeared to him in a dream.
He was ten years old at the time and did not know who this supernatural being was who stood before him.
In that dream, he found himself in a strange place where he met people, who were glowing.
He recounts, “I was taken to a room where I heard a voice saying, ‘I am the Lord who has called you. I am the only one who can deliver mankind. Go and tell the people to serve me’’.
When he woke up, Prophet Bushiri says, he began hearing a great voice telling him names of people, their problems, and instructions where to go and find them.
That was the starting of his prophetic ministry, which many have come to know and benefit from all over the world.
Born and bred in Malawi, Prophet Bushiri was brought up in a Christian home and is a son of Huxley and Christina Bushiri who hails from Zambia, in Ndeke, Kitwe to be exact.
His birth was mysterious and there were so many issues surrounding it such that after he was born, his mother called him Shepherd, acknowledging that the Lord is her Shepherd.
But growing up as a committed Christian boy was deemed outlandish by his peers at school.
In a matter of fact voice, Prophet Bushiri said, children of the 21st Century think praying and living a godly life is for old tired people.
His lifestyle which became a challenge to his class and school mates brought him ridicule.
But one day, God would prove all his critics wrong when a fellow pupil in the school fainted and was rushed to the hospital.
With Faith in his heart and an unction to obey God, young Bushiri left class for the hospital where he prayed for his school mate who he says was healed miraculously.
Upon hearing the healing report, the whole school was filled with awe and realised, their colleague was no ordinary boy.
“God touched their hearts and from that day, most of them gave their lives to Christ,” he said.
Despite not going to any School of Theology, Prophet Bushiri in 2010, launched Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) in Malawi Lilongwe, a fast growing church with branches all over the world.
“Our church services are characterised by unusual prophecies, healings, and all manner of miracles, he says attributing it to God’s Grace upon his life.
He also launched a Christian Television Station, Prophetic Channel which is on Free to Air and viewed by millions across the world.
Currently he has relocated to South Africa in Pretoria where he has launched another ECG church, which has grown to 35,000 members in a space of eight months.
During live broadcasts, shouts of ‘Major One’ as he is commonly called, break out in the audience as people cry out for the attention of the Man of God.
Sometimes, calls of ‘Major One, do something’ ring out as the desperate audience present their various needs to the Prophet.
He calls out people by their names, tells them their backgrounds, and gives them solutions to their problems as many shed tears in shock as to how someone who is a stranger to them can know so much about them.
To others, Prophet Bushiri has prophesied their house numbers, colour of lounge suites, and has gone further to prophesy to single men and women how, when and where they would meet their life partners, and also the exact time they would meet.
Prophet Bushiri’s Ministry has however not been devoid of persecution.
The usually immaculately dressed Man of God leans forward in his chair, and says, gun shots have missed me countless times, I have escaped poisoning, faced legal suits, false accusations sometimes from fellow servants of God opposing my calling.
To this he says, ‘If you are at the top, you become the topic and if you are the head, you become the headline,’ thereby refusing to be deterred by what he calls empty talk from his persecutors.
He rather thanks God for what he terms as ‘Judas Iscariots’ in his life as they have strengthened his resolve to serve God and indirectly made his Ministry grow.
Of the Prophetic Ministry, Prophet Bushiri says it should not be viewed with contempt as it is significant to everyone and nations.
He says the Prophetic reveals hidden things, gives hope, comforts and prepares people for what is to come.
“For instance, I prophesied about Zambia’s 2015 elections that Mr Edgar Lungu would win and it came to pass. I also prophesied about an attack on President Lungu’s health and when it happened, his life was spared because we prayed,” he said.
And on how he balances his family life and tight Ministry schedules, Prophet Bushiri says he has involved his family in it.
He is free on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays where he spends time with his family.
Prophet Bushiri is not only a man of the cloth who spends time prophesying but is also a business tycoon owning 26 gold mines across Africa.
The multi-millionaire is also President of African Christian Coalition for Israel Ltd (AFRICCI) an organisation which provides funding for projects and programmes to Governments and Institutions which can guarantee re-payment.
This year AFRICCI has secured funding of over US$100 billion for Africa’s Development.
Prophet Bushiri submits to a spiritual father, Prophet Uebert Angel of Spirit Embassy.
He is married to Mary Bushiri with whom he has one child and another on the way.

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