Glimpse into West development

TRAVELLING to Western Province is always refreshing for me because I spent part of my childhood in Kalabo and Mongu in the early 1970s.
A visit to the region always evokes childhood memories and is, therefore, emotional.
Sadly, I cannot trace any of my childhood friends there.
You can call it sentimental attachment, but being there and reconnecting with the environment is fulfilling.
I always look forward to transiting through Kafue National Park after a brief stopover at the Nalusanga barrier in Mumbwa District.
I should hasten to say how disappointed I was to see wild fires in the national park.
I wondered whether the Department of Wildlife and National Parks had a hand in the bush fires or it was just the local inhabitants indiscriminately starting fires for their own selfish reasons.
The impact of these fires is devastating on the wildlife as they destroy natural habitats and disturb biodiversity.
There is also a downside for the travellers, as the fires tend to drive the scared animals deeper into the park, away from view.
Drive-by game viewing is one of the major features enjoyed by motorists traversing this route.
One is bound to spot wild pigs, impalas, elephants, and even lions, while monkeys do CLICK TO READ MORE

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