Giving coffins woman’s touch

A WOMAN making coffins sounds like taboo just as it is not common to see one at a carpentry shop.
But in Ndola’s Chifubu township a woman is breaking a long held perception that carpentry, let alone coffin making, is not for the weaker sex.
Mwewa Kaunda, 32, plies her trade by making coffins for a living at Chifubu Council premises.
Her coffin shop is situated on the eastern side adjacent to Chifubu constituency office.
Clad in grey jeans and a black see-through top befitting an appearance of a town girl, Ms Kaunda is seen working while her baby is lying down asleep on a make-shift bed about two metres away.
Four readily made coffins are displayed while she is putting some final touches to the fifth one.
On this day, Ms Kaunda is alone but she works with her younger brother and sometimes her mother helps her. It is their generational family business.
Ms Kaunda reports for work around 06:00 hours and knocks off at CLICK TO READ MORE

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