Give us our prisoners, minister urges Angola

GOVERNMENT has appealed to the Angolan government to transfer Zambian convicts who are serving prison sentences in that country.
Home Affairs deputy Minister Gerry Chanda said the Angolan government should reciprocate the gesture the Zambian government has shown of transferring 32 Angolans to serve prison sentences in their country.
Colonel Chanda said this during the exchange of prisoners between Zambia and Angola in Lusaka last Thursday.
“It is my hope and plea to the Angolan government that we look forward to seeing the remaining Zambians come and enjoy the good will gesture that has been extended.
Today, we have witnessed the transfer of 32 Angolan convicts to their country. Four other Angolan nationals who have finished serving their sentences are being deported today, while Zambia has only received one prisoner,’’ he said.
Col Chanda said the prison transfer scheme provides a legal framework for people imprisoned in a foreign country to be deported to serve the rest of the sentence in their country.
“The scheme is aimed at promoting a successful rehabilitation and reintegration of the prisoner into society, while serving their sentence imposed by the state as far as possible.
Col Chanda advised the Angolan convicts who have been transferred to their country of origin to conduct themselves well.
And Angolan deputy Minister of Home Affairs Jose Bamoquina Zau expressed happiness that the agreement that was signed between the two governments of exchanging prisoners has come to fruition.
“They are our colleagues, our country men. This exchange of prisoners that is happening today is a sign of our love,’’ he said.
Mr Zau thanked the Zambian government for facilitating the repatriation of Angolan refugees.
Speaking earlier, Zambia Prisons Service Commissioner General Percy Chato said Government is committed to transfering the 36 nationals to their country.
He also expressed happiness for having received back home, one Zambian convict.

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